Stage Management Questions:
  1. So what made you decide to become a stage manager?
  2. What college/university did you attend?
  3. And why? What was your first show as a stage manager?
  4. Best show to stage manage? Why?
  5. Worst show to stage manage? Why?
  6. How do you deal with any conflicts that emerge?
  7. When deadlines approach, how do you deal with them?
  8. When you have assistants, how do you manage them?
  9. What is it like to be a traveling stage manager?
  10. Having done musicals, would you say it is harder to stage manage them?
  11. We all know the prompt book is the bible, so how do you organize your bible?
  12. How do you approach a script when reading it for the first time?
  13. Is it hard not to change the director’s vision of the piece, when you think it should it should go elsewhere?
  14. How do you approach conference scheduling?
  15. When making your call board, what do you think is important to include that no one thinks of?
  16. Are there any little things that you can think of that would help a budding stage manager succeed?
  17. Do you have any little quirks that you think help you be a stage manager?
  18. Even though it is exhausting, knowing what you know now would you still be a stage manager?
  19. Do you have any advice you would like to give someone thinking about stage management as a career?

Add to this if you have questions!!!

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